Why Telehealth Services for Wounds & Ostomies?

Corstrata's virtual 


make asking for help easier by...

Friendly. Healthcare services with "care" as a core tenant.  Corstrata places quality above time and efficiency.

​Easy. Connecting to a Certified Wound or Ostomy Nurse is easy.  Corstrata offers a number of technology touch points for the needs of a single consult or ongoing use.

Convenient. Corstrata offers appointments time that work on your schedule.

Reliable, Evidence-based Knowledge.  Take comfort in the information offered.  Our Certified, Wound and Ostomy Nurses remain up-to-date with research and current best-practices. 

Cost Effective.  It sounds expensive?  It's not. Corstrata offers multiple ways to access services for organizations and individuals.

Senior Physiotherapy

Hospital to Home

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Remote Monitoring Medical Home

Nursing Home

Post Acute Care Options

First Aid Kit

Manufacturers & Suppliers

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Managed Care

Assistance at Store

Direct to Patient

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