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Welcome to Corstrata

Virtual Wound Care & Ostomy Services

We bring Tech-Enabled, Telehealth for the care of those with Wounds and Ostomies. From hospital-to-home to home health and other acute and post acute settings. Our experienced, board-certified wound care and ostomy clinicians work with healthcare providers and patients, to provide best in class wound care at a lower cost.

Whom do we serve

With over 22,000 consults under our belt,  Corstrata has gained the knowledge and evidence of the benefits, and importance of telehealth services through the collaboration with providers and caregivers within the space of Wound and Ostomy care.


Our statistics show a significant improvement in the following areas:

  1. Decrease in hospital readmission rate

  2. Staffing productivity 

  3. Consistent standardized care

  4. Supply cost reduction

  5. Optimal utilization of non-specialized staff

  6. Improved bottom line

Your Investment

Step 01


Clinicians, caregivers and consumers can easily Access our Wound and Ostomy experts for an on-demand consult using Corstrata’s Web & App-based platform.

Step 02


Behind the scenes, our Wound & Ostomy experts Process the provided patient information to develop an effective care plan that ensures excellent clinical and financial outcomes. You may also request a live video consult!

Step 03


Once completed, we then Deliver your wound or ostomy recommendations, how and when you want it. Corstrata works with you to customize a solution to fit the needs of your organization. We are here for you.

Who we work with

Corstrata is pleased to work with various customers and partners in collaborative efforts to help people heal, anywhere

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Interested in what we can do for you?

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