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Where Expert Ostomy Care Meets Empathy

Corstrata, a leading provider of wound and ostomy care management solutions, and Ostomy 101, a renowned educational platform for individuals living with ostomies, have joined forces to create a strategic partnership that will revolutionize how people with ostomies receive comprehensive care and support.

For Patients

For Providers

For WOC Nurses

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Program Overview

  • Available in English & Spanish

  • All ages from pediatrics to adults

  • Expert care for new & established ostomies

  • Appliance recommendations

  • Proper use of ostomy products

  • Stoma and skin care

  • Navigation to other Healthcare Resources

Program Overview

Program Overview

What People Say


Patient's son

"We do not have enough words to express our appreciation for the services provided by the Corstrata nurse. Her courteous, professional, and caring attitude helped us identify the root cause of catastrophic failures of the system resulting in frequent and significant leakages that had us on edge. Also since my father’s primary language is Spanish, he was able to follow her, and respond to her instructions as she spoke Spanish and he felt extremely comfortable with the virtual visit." 



"I had been struggling with leakage issues since my surgery and was unable to find a local specialist to help. Ana was terrific. She listened and I learned from her. And after her examination of my stoma and body she saw that I received a pouching system better suited to my needs. I could not have gotten this in my community."



This whole experience has been awesome with everyone I have communicated with. I feel more confident knowing what is normal for my skin and appreciate all the feedback. I think this is the best and smoothest process. I only wish I would have started out immediately after surgery with Corstrata. Just being able to see a professional while in my home was so convenient. Good process!

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