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Telehealth Ostomy Support Services For Providers

We bring Tech-Enabled, Telehealth, experienced board-certified WOC Nurses to Wound and Ostomy patients from hospital@home to home health and other post-acute settings providing best-in-class services. Our process is simple, you are able to request ostomy orders for assess and treat, assess and provide recommendations, ostomy care education, and/or other additional consult services, including wounds. 

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Our Goal is Simple! Empower Better Ostomy Care

Corstrata Outcomes

  • Over 2,500 Completed Consults

  • 99 Net Promoter Score

  • 94% Provider avoidance

  • 21% ER avoidance


Corstrata Solution

  • Ostomy specialists

    • Board Certified Ostomy Specialists

    • Extensive Ostomy Care Experience

  • Virtual video consults

    • Ostomy and peristomal skin assessment

    • Patient recommendations including physician follow ups

    • Coordinate with ostomy manufacturers as needed for appliance sampling

  • Technology

    • App-less, HIPAA compliant patient engagement software

Business Associate Agreement

A BAA is required for us to complete your consult request and communicate with you or your staff. Please click on the button below and complete.

Corstrata Consult Services:

  • Available for

    • Adults & Pediatrics

    • English & Spanish

  • Address Common Ostomy Concerns:

    • Appliance leakage

    • Proper use of ostomy products

    • Skin irritation, itching, or rash around the stoma

    • Frequent pouch changes

    • Proper care for a new ostomy

    • Proper diet

    • Intimacy concerns

  • Recommendations & Benefits:

    • Stoma & Skin Care

    • Nutrition

    • New Appliance & Accessories 

    • Navigation to Other Healthcare Resources

    • Ostomy Care Education

    • Pouching, Diet, Activity, Clothing & Bathing Tips

    • Development Concerns

    • Reduction of ER visits

Ostomy and Irrigation Program
Information & Consult Request Forms

Outpatient Ostomy Consult

  • For ostomates & caregivers

  • Physician & hospital referrals

  • Telehealth In-home consult

  • Supply sampling

  • Patient & caregiver education

Post-Acute Provider Consults

  • For home health, skilled nursing facilityies, etc.

  • Consult with bedside nurse

  • Supply sampling

  • Patient & caregiver education

Emergency Room Triage Support

  • Tele-Triage with WOC Nurse

  • Troubleshoot Pouching Systems

  • Avoid Unnecessary Admission


Hospital Programs Readmission Prevention Program

  • Pre-op & post-op education

  • 30-day moniroting & triage

  • Transition to self-care

Help us advocate for Ostomy Services to be covered by Insurance

Join us in advocating for ostomy support services to be covered by Insurance. 

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