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15 Great Wound Care Journals to Follow

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


Most professionals and clinicians have their go-to source for the latest industry information. In wound care, it's critically important for clinicians to be informed about the latest peer-reviewed body of clinical evidence.

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Why are these industry journals so important in the provision of care? David Solomon discusses the significance of peer reviewed journals in the scientific community in his article The Role of Peer Review for Scholarly Journals in the Information Age. He elaborates on the work of Schaffner regarding the specific roles of journals in the scientific community, including:

  • Building a collective knowledge base – Most people agree that journals form the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative archive of information and research in a given field.

  • Communicating information – Communication among researchers occurs at a high rate of speed and journals ensure dissemination of critical information among peers.

  • Validating the quality of research – Journals play a role in maintaining professional standards as to how research and scholarship are conducted.

  • Distributing rewards – Publication in peer-reviewed journals is one of the major ways scholars are evaluated and recognized for their achievements. Which journals one publishes in is equally (if not more important) as the volume of publications.

  • Building scientific communities - Journals also act as a means of unifying an industry in a number of ways. One hallmark of a discipline’s acceptance in an industry is the establishment of a new journal.

To stay up-to-date on the latest wound care journals, check out the following resources:

Corstrata’s clinical leadership team, as well as our clinical advisory board, recognizes the importance of peer-reviewed wound care journals and have published extensively in these journals on various wound related topics.

Corstrata provides post-acute providers with access to scarce board-certified wound experts. We can assist your facility or agency with developing a wound program that includes evidence based, best practice wound treatments, staff education, pressure ulcer prevention program, and wound formulary redesign. Additionally, Corstrata provides wound image and video consults that include accurate identification of the wound type, accurate staging, accurate wound measurement, and recommended treatments and supplies.

Contact us today for Expert Wound Care. Anywhere.


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