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A Meaningful “Win” -- A Reflection by CEO Katherine Piette


This blog is a slight departure from prior blogs given it is a bit more personal in nature. This past week, I had the privilege to be a “contestant” in a startup pitch contest which was a part of the Health Tech Startup Expo sponsored by Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and the Technology Association of Georgia. I am not new to this rodeo, having participated in several of these events, but this one was a bit different. This was Corstrata's first pitch contest in which all the other participants were Health IT startups - so everyone was competing on more of an equal ground. The Expo attendees were the judges for this contest - each member of the audience was given the opportunity to vote individually via QR codes. The audience was not a typical startup pitch audience either - not only were there the usual startup investors, attorneys, software developers, etc. present, but also in attendance were medical and health professionals - it was a definitely a “jury” of my peers. Many audience members were members of TAG Health - a group of very successful healthcare IT professionals with even deeper knowledge of both the challenges and the opportunities which companies like Corstrata face on a daily basis.

My fellow health IT startup “contestants” were worthy opponents - one CEO was a serial entrepreneur having started and successfully exited several companies. Even for seasoned entrepreneurs, pitch contests are stressful, and events like this one always build the suspense by delaying the winning announcement to the very end.

Cut to the chase - Corstrata WINS!! This is not Corstrata’s first win at a pitch contest, nor our first award or recognition as an emerging healthcare IT startup, but it is the most meaningful. I was particularly thrilled by the compliments from Expo attendees following the event including the following from Michele Madison, Chairman of the TAG Health Society Board and partner at Morris Manning & Martin law firm - “Innovative companies like Corstrata are the reason why Georgia leads the nation in healthcare IT companies who are making a real, positive impact on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. The competition was strong, but Corstrata’s ability to help patients and providers effectively treat wounds that are often the result of chronic conditions and its ability to use technology to impact patient’s treatment plans were very impressive.” It is quite validating to hear your healthcare colleagues commend Corstrata’s mission and care delivery model - to provide the expertise and technology to help providers improve quality outcomes and reduce costs while improving the patient’s quality of life. I am both humbled and proud to be part of the Corstrata Team and look ahead to other “wins” but right now, I am going to savor this one - this one was special.

For additional information, please see our press release.



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