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Corstrata Announces CE Courses Series: Wound Basics

Updated: Jan 29, 2021


Corstrata is pleased to announce the launch of our wound educational offerings. As experts in wound management and prevention, our team is dedicated to sharing their knowledge to improve care for patients with chronic wounds. Our clinical management team and clinical board of advisors are thought leaders in the wound industry and these courses reflect the most current evidence based practices and teachings.

This week we are launching our first of many courses aimed at empowering nurses in all care settings to improve wound healing and lower wound incidence. These courses are easily accessed on our website. Our Wound Basics Module is comprised of four courses each available for one nursing continuing education credit. Please see a description of these below:

Wound Healing Basics

Acute and Chronic Wound Healing (1 CE)

This program provides the learner with fundamental wound healing information such as differentiation of acute and chronic wounds, phases of wound healing, and the specifics of wound bed preparation to manage chronic wounds.

Dressing Selection and Wound Documentation (1 CE)

This program provides an overview of advanced wound dressings by category and the indications for their use, with discussion of scientific wound healing principles specific dressing types address. Also discussed are documentation components that are critical to accurately and adequately assess and manage wounds.

Pressure Ulcer (Injury) Prevention (1 CE)

This program provides foundational information for establishing an effective pressure ulcer (injury) prevention program. The content includes a discussion of the Braden scale risk assessment tool, with review of subscales and strategies for managing risk based upon subscales. Also introduced is the principle of pressure ulcers related to medical devices and strategies for prevention.

Pressure Ulcer (Injury) Management 1 (CE)

This program provides recently updated pressure ulcer (injury) terminology, with discussion of new scientific findings regarding pressure ulcer (injury) staging. Examination of wound images is provided to identify different stages of tissue destruction. A variety of management strategies are provided that are critical, regardless of the patient’s setting.

Stay tuned as we roll out additional modules to include: Assessment and Management of Lower Extremity Wounds, Current Management of Diabetes Related Foot Problems and Amputation Prevention, Management of Skin and Wound Issues Among Palliative and Hospice Patients, and Ostomy and Fistula Care Basics.

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