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[Listen] Corstrata Founder, CEO Discusses Telemedicine Startup on Podcast

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


Recently, Corstrata Founder and CEO Katherine Piette shared her  story on how she helped make quality wound care more accessible through her telemedicine startup, and discussed telehealth's role in the future of healthcare.

The episode of Silicon Harbor radio, a podcast about startup culture in Charleston, South Carolina, and surrounding areas, features Piette sharing her experience as a first-time entrepreneur and covers how Corstrata is applying emerging telemedicine technologies to improve quality and access to care for chronic wound patients.

The podcast covered the changing healthcare landscape that makes virtual wound care an enticing option for care providers in a number of different fields, where reimbursement for telemedicine is headed, and how healthcare organizations can gauge wound care success.

Tech Life Podcast host and founder Rich Conte is a 20+ year veteran of the tech industry. His background in Product Development, Product Design, and User Experience has more recently been complemented by a growing passion for startup culture. In podcast episodes, which can all be accessed here, Conte shares the success stories of emerging technology startups, and spreads awareness about exciting innovations coming out of the regional startup community.

Want to hear further from Piette about how virtual would care can deliver better outcomes at a lower cost? Set up a demo with us!


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