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Telehealth is Here, But Must Continue to Evolve!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


When my partner and I started Corstrata a few years ago, we could have never predicted the flood gates that COVID-19 would open. We innately understood that Wound and Ostomy patients required special knowledge sets and service models, so we’d have to be open to forging partnerships.  But, life makes strange bedfellows.   

With the recent pandemic, we have found that we must be incredibly open and agile in order to serve those in great need.  During COVID-19, Corstrata has formed relationships with Telehealth companies, with Wound and Ostomy Supply Manufacturers & Distributors, and with Payviders, even though some seemingly appear to have services that overlap with ours.  What seemed a bit courageous at the start, has now become a way of doing business for Corstrata.  These relationships center around unique competencies that Corstrata possesses in 3 distinct areas:

  1. Technology.  Wounds and Ostomies require a different type of Telehealth visit, for which many software solutions just aren’t equipped to offer.  Corstrata searched for a number of years to bring it all together, and time is now revealing the unique nature of our solution.  Through Engagement, we compliment the processes of other Telehealth companies but differentiate ourselves in the Medical Home Models where workflows are critical to assisting the patient.

  2. Knowledge Center.  We have been working for years; researching, studying, documenting, and preparing for this moment.  Our Knowledge Center is robust and is continually being updated with the newest information. With agility, the knowledge serves our nurses and patients in finding the right solution for each presenting problem.  We’ve learned that what we’ve amassed is far more robust than can be found with most other providers.

  3. Specialty Talent.  You don’t just learn about the care of wounds and ostomies overnight, but rather it comes with many years of practice, apprenticeship, and learning from challenging situations.  Our Wound and Ostomy Certified Nurses are advanced, certified professionals at the top of their careers.  Our average WOCN has 30 years of experience and is trained to offer high-quality clinical outcomes with each patient interaction.

For telehealth companies offering patient access to the general patient population, Corstrata Telehealth services can provide specialized expertise for their wound and ostomy populations. To learn more about how telehealth for wounds and ostomy can improve outcomes at a reduced cost (including at-risk/value-based payment models) for your patients, or to inquire about strategic partnerships please get in touch with Corstrata today!

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