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Why Virtual Wound Care And Telemedicine Nursing Is On The Rise


Quick question: What are the advantages of virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing?

  1. Increases access to wound expertise

  2. Decreases wound related hospitalizations and ER visits

  3. Reduces wound healing time

  4. Improves patient satisfaction

  5. Reduces wound care cost per patient

  6. All the above

You probably guessed it - the answer is all of the above.

 So what are virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing?

Virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing involve the use of technology to deliver wound care, including diagnosis, treatment, education, and prevention, to the patient and/or healthcare provider.

Why are virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing gaining popularity?

In general, the entire virtual care market is growing exponentially. Technological advances and changes in reimbursement have driven this growth. Remote care can now be delivered on a smart device - telemedicine nursing via phone or tablet - no matter where the patient resides.

Wound care specialists are in short supply - less than 0.2% of all nurses are wound care certified. Virtual care increases access to certified experts for patients located in rural areas, patients who are difficult to transport to a physician’s office or wound care center, or patients whose schedules make it difficult to get the in-person care they need.

How are virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing delivered?

It is delivered in two ways:

  • Real-time video conferencing - a wound specialist video conferences with the wound patient either directly or with the assistance of a caregiver or clinician. The wound specialist then can identify the type of wound and recommend treatment.

  • Wound Photo Documentation - a caregiver or clinician photographs and describes the patient’s wound. This information is then accessed and reviewed by a wound specialist. The wound specialist identifies the wound type and makes treatment recommendations.

Are virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing as effective as seeing a wound specialist in person?

In 2012, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that research indicates that telemedicine interventions are as good as or better than traditional care delivery. As the largest user of telemedicine in the U.S., the Department of Veterans Affairs has published multiple remote wound studies with positive results. Numerous studies worldwide have shown that remote wound consultations promote standardization of wound practices, encourage interdisciplinary care, reduce transportation and non-productive staff time costs, increase access to expert wound care, and are comparable to traditional face-to-face wound consultations.

How can patients receive high-quality virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing?

Corstrata’s innovative approach to wound care treatment ensures top-of-the-line wound care that delivers effective results to patients.

What is Corstrata’s virtual wound care model?

  • Corstrata provides access to wound care specialists - all of our clinicians are board certified in wound care. Our leadership team and advisory board are nationally recognized wound experts.

  • Corstrata’s specialists recommend wound treatments that reflect the latest clinical evidence.

  • Corstrata utilizes wound images and real time video to assess wounds.

  • Corstrata offers both comprehensive wound management and one time wound consultations.

How can I learn more?

 Schedule a consultation to learn more about Corstrata and the benefits of virtual wound care and telemedicine nursing.


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