Our Corstrata Values

We believe people with Wounds & Ostomies need improved services to live happy and productive lives! 

But, for many with conditions, this seems unachievable.


Often particular needs are not heard, or understood.  Wound & Ostomies require years of knowledge and specialty education.


Our services improve the management of Wounds & Ostomies by offering critical information to improve knowledge and care decisions.

Psychology Patient

Corstrata, Inc. has a unique culture.  To put it simply, we listen, we care and we share!

We work with Providers to offer information on the most up-to-date, evidence-based approaches 
in care and products.

Modern Design

We work with Payers to create options.

We work with Consumers to educate and prevent recurring issues.

Adult Education Course

We work with Manufacturers to support the education and use of formularies.