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Corstrata Wound Support

Expert Wound Care. Anywhere.

Build a leading Wound Program.  Benefit from technology and virtual access to Certified Wound Experts, all wrapped in one.

What happens when a wound fails to heal?

Care becomes more expensive.

Activities of daily living are impaired.

Your patients experience more pain, for prolonged periods of time.

Risks of an infection increase.

Risks for amputation increase.

Our Goals are Simple!

  • Improve Care

  • Reduce office visits

  • Reduce the risk of hospitalization

  • Explore supply options

  • Offer timely answers to care questions

  • Provide access to Wound Experts 

  • Offer the ease of Telehealth technology

  • Improve outcomes

  • Save Costs

Corstrata’s comprehensive wound care program produces results for home health agencies.



Yes, the occurrence of wounds in post-acute patient settings!

It doesn't have to be this way, and home health agencies can fill an important need in the community.  Corstrata’s board certified, wound care specialists support your program with easy-to-use technology combined with a one Corstrata Solution.

The Corstrata Difference

Get Started!

  • Review Wound Policies & Procedures 

  • Review Wound Treatment Guidelines 

  • Design Wound Formulary 

Begin Consults

  • Request a Wound Consult

  • Forward a Picture

  • Ask for a Video Consult

  • Receive Expert Observations and Recommendations

  • Receive Formulary Recommendations

Onboard Teams

  • Mobile Technology

  • Wound photography​

  • Video consults for complex wound patients

See Results!

  • Improved Wound Assessments 

  • Cost effective visit scheduling

  • Cost effective supply usage

  • Improved coding

  • Improved outcomes

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction Scores

Wounds are a $40B problem!

Learn more about how Corstrata can help!