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Corstrata Wound Support

Expert Wound Care. Anywhere.

30% of patients in the post-acute setting have a wound. 

Feel confident in caring for your wound patients with Corstrata!

Benefits of Corstrata Wound Consult

Get the Right Answers from the Right Experts,  at the Right Time,                                                 with the Right Technology for You, AND you will….

Access to a WOC Nurse will allow you to: 

Cost Containment

  • Access to WOC Nurse resource - as needed

  • Prevent Unnecessary Rehospitalizations

  • Decrease Supply Utilization and Cost

  • Decrease SNV’s or Bedside Nursing Time

  • Optimize Reimbursement with documentation to support coding

  • Decrease LOS


Patient Outcomes

  • Improved Patient Care with Shorter Healing Times

  • Decreased Patient Complications

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction

  • Wound Prevention 


Clinical Staff Support 

  • Improve Documentation for Legal Defensibility, Reimbursement, and Outcomes 

  • Bedside Problem Solving

  • Improve Clinician Satisfaction

  • Best Practices for Patient Education and Care

  • Referral Recommendations

Doctor's Desk

   Our wound consults provide recommendations for:  

  • Accurate etiology identification and PI staging

  • Step by Step Wound Treatment Plan with Formulary 

  • Disease Management Related to Wound Etiology

  • Basic Nutrition for Wound Healing

  • Clinical Referrals as Needed

  • Equipment Needs to Address Etiology and Qualifications for Coverage/Reimbursement 

  • Patient/Caregiver Education

   Ancillary Services

  • Formulary Design with Advanced Wound products

  • Education- live/modules or Recorded Modules w/ live Q&A

  • Wound Rounds- Review and Discussion of Challenging Wounds/Patients

  • Quality review audits /Documentation review

  • Monthly reporting/audits for improved management and utilization

  • Wound Program Development

  • Legal review


We provide the Right Answers for you to provide the Right Care.  

  • Expert Consultation for simple and complex wounds 

  • A la carte ancillary services 

We Standardize your Wound Care Program

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