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Corstrata Ostomy Support

Expert Wound Care. Anywhere.

Worried about care steps? Ostomy site discomfort or pain?  Don't wait for answers...

Call for a consult with a Certified Ostomy Nurses.

Living life with an ostomy is challenging.

Get timely answers to ostomy care questions.

  • Reduce the risk of hospitalization

  • Explore alternative devices and supplies

  • Receive timely answers to care questions

  • Have the confidence to be an advocate

  • Understand the limited availability for trained, certified ostomy nurses 

  • Use the latest technology!  Mobile and online access

  • Navigate and manage life with your ostomy...anywhere, anytime!

Our goal is simple!

Empower ostomates everywhere to live life better.

How do Telehealth Ostomy Support Services work?

Corstrata Serves Ostomates in all 50 States

Direct to Consumer Pricing

Initial Assessment & Visit - $75 for 30 minutes

Follow-up Visit - $60 for 30 minutes 

We accept all major Debit and Credit Cards.

Learn more about how Corstrata can help you live a better life with your ostomy!

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